"Yesss," Kelsie hissed, groaning into the pillows. "Finger my ass, I want to feel you there." I placed my thumb firmly on her puckered butthole and massaged it in a small circular motion, incredibly aroused by this filthy new side of my girlfriend. Kelsie ground back against my hand, her fingers dancing furiously on her clit. As I teased her asshole I pressed down slightly, feeling the tip of my thumb begin to slide inside of her. Kelsie wriggled her hips at my advance, pulling forward several inches and denying my entrance. "Wait grab my purse, I think I have a thing of lube somewhere?" "Oh I see." I laughed mischievously, "so you *were* planning a little anal tonight?" "Shut up!" Kelsie laughed, slapping back at my hip playfully and sitting back on her heels. "No, I was just a little sore this morning and picked some up at the store." Letting go of Kelsie, I walked across the room to grab her purse from the wardrobe and came back to hand it to her as I crawled to kneel in the center of the bed. Kelsie hunted briefly, soon pulling out a small bottle of lubricant and handing it to me before leaning in to kiss me deeply. My hands moved to Kelsie's breasts, massaging her firmly before pinching her erect nipples, tugging at her gently until I felt Kelsie's moan of pleasure against my lips. Breaking our kiss https://www.bigbootytube.xxx/categories/pornstars/latest-updates/ , Kelsie reached for my waist, expertly wriggling my boxers down and around my hips and pausing for me to slide them off completely before she grasped my shaft and began to stroke me back to full hardness with her soft, warm hand. Releasing her grip on my cock, Kelsie crawled forward and positioned herself on all fours in front of me, her head at the foot of the mattress. "Come fuck me, I want some dick before you put your fingers in my ass." I knelt between Kelsie's legs, breathing deeply as I placed my hands on her back while she reached beneath her with one hand to find my cock. I lined my dick up with her tight pussy, gently sliding my cockhead between her lips as I pushed forward slightly. Kelsie rocked her hips back to meet me, drawing my mushroom head inside of her snugly with a soft gasp. Again leaning forward to rest her shoulders and face on the bed, Kelsie reached back to spread herself with both hands, exposing herself to me fully. Twisting open the bottlecap, I drizzled a thin line of lube on the top of my exposed shaft, moving my hips as I began to work my way into Kelsie. As I pushed, Kelsie's pussy stretched to accommodate me, her inner lips grasping at my shaft as I stroked in and out of her slickening pussy. Picking up the pace, I took hold of both of Kelsie's wrists, holding her hands in place and keeping her ass cheeks spread as I rolled my hips to thrust forward into her with long quick strokes while pulling her back to slap against my muscled thighs. "Ungh. So. Good. Fuck. Ungh." Kelsie grunted into the mattress, panting as I moved in and out of her. My movements slowed as I released Kelsie's right hand and lightly circled her rosebud with my thumb. Gathering the frothy lube from the base of my cock, I smeared it onto her asshole and began to push gently as Kelsie groaned in intense desire. I felt my thumb ease past Kelsie's sphincter with a distinct *pop* as the warmth of her ass engulfed my finger. "Oh fucckkkk." Kelsie's breath hissed and her hips stopped as we paused, both breathing deeply now. "Go slow." Gently, I began to work my thumb back and forth, wiggling slightly from side to side to loosen up her clenched internal muscles. Kelsie breathed heavily, slowly rotating her hips as she grew accustomed to the digit lodged in her tight ass. Kelsie's hips settled after a moment, her ass growing used to my thumb. "Keep fucking me." Keeping my hand in place I began to roll my hips with Kelsie, timing my strokes to Kelsie's movements so I thrust forward to meet her gently as she pushed back into me, my lube-smeared thumb sliding slightly further in with every stroke. Before long we settled into a rhythm, my finger slipping in and out of her ass as my cock pumped in and out of Kelsie's soaked pussy and her moans filled the room. Feeling the churning in my balls begin to swell towards orgasm, I forced myself to focus on Kelsie's impending orgasm rather than the tight, slippery heat of Kelsie's ass or the wet, velvet grip of her pussy on my dick. I almost couldn't believe Kelsie was actually letting me finger her ass while we fucked, but she clearly enjoyed it. "I'm going to cum." Kelsie gasped suddenly, her breathing coming in short, urgent gulps. "Cum for me baby," I urged, roughly grabbing her bouncing ass and pulling her tighter into me as I sawed my thumb inside her ass. "I want to feel you cum on my dick." "Ungh. Fuck!" Kelsie wailed, one hand supporting her on the bed while her other grasped desperately at her chest. "Keep going, fuck. Keep fucking me, fuck I'm cummmminggggg!" Kelsie came with a long moan, her spasming pussy walls gripping my shaft as her asshole clamped down vise-like on my thumb. I came explosively, thick ropes of cum spurting from my cockhead into Kelsie's pussy, my balls tightening and hips thrusting forward reflexively into her. Kelsie's entire body twitched as she came crashing down from her orgasm, my thumb and cock both slipping wetly out of her as she collapsed forward on the bed, legs crossed together under her and both hands grasping her tits. Spent, I let myself fall forward onto the mattress, rolling over onto my back and inhaling deeply as I caught my breath. After a few moments Kelsie too began to relax, her raspy breathing eventually slowing until she settled into a dazed stupor, rolling onto her hip to throw one leg across my thigh and placing her hand possessively over my softening cock. "That was intense," Kelsie said hoarsely, "I can't believe your thumb was in my ass. It made me feel so full. Like I can't even describe it, like too full. But in a good way..." Kelsie went on, babbling slightly in her post-orgasmic bliss. "Yeah babe that felt really good. Your ass was amazing," I squeezed her thigh. "I couldn't believe how hard you came. Maybe next time..." I trailed off, glancing down at my cock and winking at Kelsie teasingly. "There's no way you're putting this in me!" Kelsie squealed, squeezing my softening shaft in her small hand. "I'll die! It barely fits in my pussy, I'm going to be sore for three days already." I chuckled, stroking Kelsie's leg, "Oh perfect. I'll be back from Houston on Thursday, so it's a date." Kelsie rolled her eyes, her laugh turning into a soft yawn. "Let's just clean up and go to sleep, I think I might skip the gym tomorrow."