Rupkatha blushed as her friends teased her about Ghazi. She was a young lass of about 20 years. Although she wasn't voluptuous yet her firm, medium boobs would make heads roll. She was unusually fair skinned for an average girl from Bilasgarh. She had long hair, stellar eyelashes, and mysterious green eyes. Her lips were like pink petals on a rainy day. She was neither skinny nor chubby. Her curves were like that of the Hindu love goddess. Her ass was large & damn chubby. Like her friends she too used to wear saree without blouse. She was the daughter of the accountant of the Sultan of Bilasgarh. She studied in a primary school established by the Sultan for women. She became an expert in politics, rhetoric, philosophy & economics in no time. Her father was proud of her but was always in stress to get her married to a good upper class family. Rupkatha's beauty had many admirers. One of them was Ghazi Badruddin. Ghazi was the Chief Commander of the kingdom's Armed Force. He was of Turkish origin. He was tall, dark, & handsome. His hair was short. He was a muscular man. His eyes had ferocity & was full of desire. He unlike other Muslims of the kingdom had a thick moustache & a nicely trimmed beard. It was said that his prick was the largest in the entire kingdom. He won many battles for the Sultan. He was also a strict Muslim & followed the Quran strictly. But his heart was captured by the first sight of Rupkatha during a festival day. Since then, he was sure that this was gonna be the mother of his children. But he didn't knew how to approach her. So he started to know about her from her friends. They would tell him & then tease Rupkatha about it. Rupkatha at first was shocked because he was a Muslim. But slowly, she started to have a soft space for him in her heart. "I will meet him. But if father finds about it, he'll kill me. Ghazi is of a different religion," said Rupkatha to her friend Sreyasee. "Love transcends religion my dear! And the man who is the heartthrob of Bilasgarh is in love with you. What more do you need? Meet him. And if you wish, get into his pants!" said Sreyasee teasingly. "Shut up! You are an ass!" shouted Rupkatha with pretense. She decided to meet him. It was night & was summer time. Rupkatha slowly walked out of her house & went to the river. There she saw Ghazi standing along the river bank. He was bare chested and was wearing only a pajama. His muscular chest had golden hair and was broad. She felt wetness in her cunt. She slowly walked towards him. He talked first, "Thank you for coming to meet me Rupkatha. It means a lot for me." He gave her a black rose & a diamond ring. She blushed. She felt her breath getting heavier, her nipples getting firm just hearing his voice and seeing his bare chest. She felt that she was losing control. He talked again, "Come let's sit on the river bank." He hold her hand and started walking. She was totally in ecstasy. Then they both sat. He again said, "I know what you are thinking. I'm a Muslim. You're a Hindu. Is this all right? I'll tell you this. There's nothing bigger than love. God stands for love. There's no barrier in love. But there is also no force in love. It's gotta be mutual. I love you Rupkatha." Her body felt electrified. "I'll always love you. And if I marry, then it'll be only you. You are my life," he said steadily. She felt lost. There were contradictory thoughts in her mind. But suddenly those syllables slipped out of her mouth, "I love you too." Ghazi was overjoyed. He hugged her firmly. His body touched hers. She was on seventh heaven. She felt alive for the first time in life. Her hormones were running wild. She wanted Ghazi inside herself. His big dick. His love. Ghazi said, "I'll not do what you're thinking. It'll be after marriage. I'll not force you. I want to own your emotions. I want you totally in accordance with law Rupkatha." She smiled but from within she was burning with sensuality. She wanted him now. His dick, his sweat, his muscular body pounding her virginity away. She wanted his manhood deflower her. She was totally wet below. Ghazi then decided to escort her home. He took her home and left. Rupkatha slowly went to her bed. She was wild with desire. She started rubbing her cunt. Then she started fingering her cunt voraciously. "Aah. I want you. Aah. Aah. Come to me. Aah. Your uncut dick. Aah. Aaah, aaaah. Ghazi I want you! Aah!" she murmured in very low voice. She was gonna burst. "Hey Lord! aaaaaaaahhh!" she squirted and had her first orgasm in life. She was profoundly happy. She was sure. She'll marry Ghazi anyway. He was her prince. Her father would have to understand. When she told her father Vaikant everything he got wild with rage. He cursed her badly for having an affair with a Muslim. She had destroyed her religion and his name. No one would marry her now. She started crying, "Religion is nothing. I love him. He loves me. I will marry him. If you won't approve, then I'll run away and marry him. I want him at any cost!" she declared as she stomped her feet. Vaikant became frustrated the indian porn . After much argument, cursing, he yielded. Rupkatha was marrying Ghazi. His father was heartbroken but also realised that maybe it'll give him a better prospect in the court. He hesitatingly approved. The marriage happened according to Islamic rituals. The royal Imam Hazrat, presided over the marriage. The Sultan himself blessed the bride & bridegroom. It was a festive day in Bilasgarh. Rupkatha was waiting for her moment of unification with Ghazi. He too was on fire. With the marriage done, Rupkatha's new home was in the Royal Palace. Ghazi carried her in his arms and took her to his room. She giggled naughtily and said, "Will you take me today?" Ghazi gave a cunning smile and said, "I will own you." Ghazi then threw her on his bed. Ghazi started undressing her. He opened her saree and tore her blouse apart. Rupkatha's soft, tender and thick breasts pleased Ghazi. They were pinkish & her nipples were erect. Ghazi started licking her nipples. "Aah. Eat me my love. Aah. I'm burning. Ravish me. Aah!" she moaned. He bit her nipple. She moaned heavily. He then undressed her entirely. Then Ghazi licked her navel. She moaned in excitement. Her body was burning hot & her cunt was getting wet. Finally he went down and explored her womanhood. She had a cute bush. He started licking it. Ghazi was astounded by her taste. She tasted divine. He started licking her & also fingered her with stealth. "You pig. You like to eat me don't you? Aah taste makes you cum right? aaaaah!! Just like that. Lick this girl. Make me your whore. Aaaah damn!" she spoke gibberish while moaning. In a few minutes she had came in Ghazi's mouth. Ghazi was rejuvenated. Then Rupkatha undressed him. When she saw his manhood she was astonished. It was very big, had no foreskin, and was black. She took him in her mouth & started stroking his phallus. Eventually she increased the speed. Suddenly Ghazi pushed his enormous dick inside her mouth. "Blow it my love! Eat me", he commanded sternly. She was more than happy to oblige. She started sucking his dick. He pushed speedily. She was chocking. She was enjoying getting chocked. She was pleasing the Muslim hulk like a trained infidel. After a few minutes Ghazi came in her mouth. She swallowed all of it and was nearly chocked when he pulled his penis out of her mouth. She was relieved. Then Ghazi said, "Now I'll put my seed in you." Rupkatha wildly smiled. Ghazi now inserted his prick in Rupkatha's cunt. The tip of Ghazi touched her cunt walls. The sensation was heavenly for him. Rupkatha too was titillated by his enormous weapon. She felt a bit of a pain but was soon enjoying. Ghazi was fucking her in missionary style. He was licking her neck, face and pounding her infidel cunt strongly. "Take it darling. Your first fuck. Take it. Let me deflower you. Are you pleased? I'll fuck you harder don't worry," said Ghazi continuing to fuck her. "Oh yeah! Aaaaaah! Your dick's huge! Harder Ghazi! Harder. Make me your whore!! Destroy my cunt! Flood me with your juices! Aaaaaah Ghazi! Hard!" she cried loudly in pleasure. He pounded Rupkatha so hard that the bed was shaking violently. Suddenly he pulled her over and started fucking her in the dog position. Ghazi hit her buttocks sharply. Rupkatha enjoyed like a true wanton. She danced on her dick. "I'm yours my love. Feel me. Fill me with your seed! Drain my virginity, my Hindu cunt. I'm your slave darling, aaaaah!" Rupkatha collapsed on his chest as he came in her. She was out of control. Suddenly Ghazi inserted his dick in her ass. Rupkatha was hesitant and unwilling because this was unholy but Ghazi fucked her anyway. He pounded her anally so hard, that she almost cried a little. "Darling am I causing you pain?" enquired Ghazi. "No fuck my ass. Pillage my body you Turk. Do it!! Yeaaaaaahhhh!! Are you even a man you're fucking me like a common villager!" mocked Rupkatha. Ghazi couldn't take this insult & pounded her very heavy anally. She was so high on pleasure her vision had blurred. After this ferocious session of pleasure, Ghazi came in her ass. She had her third orgasm of the night. They kissed each other. Rupkatha hugged Ghazi and both went into a deep sleep. Rupkatha was overwhelmed. Today she finally became a women. Ghazi & Rupkatha's marriage became a very happy one. After his marriage with Rupkatha, Ghazi attained a lot of achievements. Soon the Sultan died. Ghazi did a coup d'etat and took over Bilasgarh. The Sultan's step son Kamruddin ran away to Delhi. Ghazi consolidated politically. On Eid he was coronated as the Sultan of Bilasgarh. Rupkatha became the Begum of Bilasgarh. Her father too rose in position and became finance minister to the Sultan. A year later Ghazi & Rupkatha had their first child, a boy. He was named Mehmud. Ghazi kissed Rupkatha. "Begum, thanks for this gift. I love you" said Ghazi. He had tears of joy. Rupkatha said, "This is just the beginning Sultan. There are many more to come!" Ghazi laughed & they hugged each other. Every day, Ghazi would navigate political affairs and every night he'd fuck Rupkatha. She became an expert in pleasing him by exploring various sexual positions. Soon they had many more children. They had a healthy & super active sexual life and a very happy married life. But far away, Kamruddin started hatching plots in Iran to assassinate Ghazi & usurp Bilasgarh. Would he be successfull? To know, wait for the next part of Begum of Bilasgarh.