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Indonesia Education Tree: Using Technology to Deliver Books to Millions

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  • Indonesia Education Tree: Using Technology to Deliver Books to Millions

    Indonesia Education Tree: Using Technology to Deliver Books to Millions (Pohon Pendidikan)
    By, Ginting Sadyono, COO, CTO

    What is the best investment in the world? I hope your answer is Education. In a country where almost half of the population is still below the age of 25, Indonesia needs massive support for education, in big scale. The government allocated about 20% of national income to education sector, its larger than defense budget. Is it effective? You be the judge. introduces a very genius innovation to education book know as curriculum 2013 edition in Indonesia. These books are required books for K12 (SD to SMA, SMK) students nationwide, approximately 50 millions in total. In addition to students books there are teachers edition (for teaching) and there are about 3 million teachers in Indonesia.

    Introducing Mahoni Education Tree:

    sumber : solution to education books problem is by using technology! Indonesia adoption to mobile devices are amazing, some statistic shows its faster and bigger than all neighbouring countries. Plus, as a matter of fact there is about 55 millions internet user which is bigger than Japan combined.
    The additional structure that must be available is access to internet, since the establishment of WARNET (warung internet is a fast internet cafe) which available nationwide in Indonesia thousands of island, access to internet has become open. Warnet is a very cheap and easy way for small villagers to get access to internet.

    With this combination: high mobile adoption + easy internet access via warnet, developed mobile apps for all devices, i.e. android, ios and windows. Using also latest techology in pdf and over 5 years of development know-how in document and server management.
    The application name is “Buku BSE”, it is very popular, it’s rank top 1 ini book category and top 1 in appannie. What mahoni buku bse is a platform for student and teacher community in Indonesia, its currently used by over 1,2 millions people and growing at a very fast rate.
    What is unique about this platform is the contents:
    #1, It now has over 2000+ ebooks, all free for download, this is #1 MOST COMPLETE in Indonesia;
    #2, It has official school curriculum books that are required by MOE;
    #3, It has official KPK (corruption elimination commission) education books;
    #4, it has BI (bank Indonesia) education books on trade, finance and related info;
    #5, it has over 400 books on SMK (practical studies) on almost everything;
    Our vision is to make mahoni buku bse the largest online library and community platform in Indonesia, at the current rate of growth, it appears we are on the right track.

    PT. Mahoni Global is the leading developer of education platform in Indonesia for delivering related contents such as books, magazines, audios and videos to this sector. If you are interested to participate and know more about this project contact [email protected]
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    TQ 4 sharing


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      Indonesian literature has been showed in the world book fair, esp. London Book Fair 2019. For further information, press the link. have a nice day!


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        Technology has opened up significant opportunities for self-publishing with the study showing that 84 per cent of fiction authors are changing the way their work is published or distributed. Technology is impacting how authors publish and promote their works, and also how they interact with readers.

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