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The Benefits of Schools Using the PTO (Paperless Test Online/Offline) System

School Digitization requires a software for strong, complete, secure assessment and supports AKM, and is specifically designed for the Indonesian curriculum system. The most appropriate choice is to use PTO 2.0

The advantages of using the PTO (Paperless Test Online/Offline) system for schools:

– Schools hold paperless exams. By utilizing digital technology, this kind of exam activities can be carried out many times without any additional costs, which means there will be huge cost savings each month.

– The teacher can provide daily assessments and practice questions/tryouts as much as possible, in a practical, fast, easy way, and does not waste the teacher’s time.

– Students get practice questions and learning evaluations as much as possible from teachers and schools, so that students get a lot of knowledge in learning.

– Parents do not need to register their children for tutoring outside of school because their children have received complete lessons and practice questions from school.

PTO makes all parties benefit:
– By using PTO, schools will be able to save on the cost of practicing questions and learning evaluations every month. PTO makes this activity take place as often as possible at no additional cost.

– PTO helps teachers in daily practice questions / assessments for students because the system is easy and practical.

– By using PTO at school, students get as many practice questions as possible.

– PTO helps parents a lot. They do not need to enroll students in tutoring.

Finally, by using PTO software, all parties get solutions from their confusion all this time.


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