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Boost The Student Interest in Reading through Kipin’s Literary Comic

National education faces various challenges in improving its quality, especially in remote areas. There are a lot of schools which have minimum infrastructure and can not support the learning process well. SDN Pagergunung 03 is one of the examples.

Located in the highland area of Blitar district, SDN Pagergunung 03 finds it difficult to get the internet network in this digital era, while we know that digital may become one of the important parts to improve the education quality. Unlike urban areas which have a lot of access to sources and references, SDN Pagergunung 03 still uses minimum props in their daily learning process at school.

According to teachers at SDN Pagergunung 03, it is difficult to get educational help props such as books and other facilities. The library’s book collections are old and irrelevant now. It surely is concerning, considering the location of the school which is still in the area of island of Java which is somewhat more advanced than other islands in Indonesia.

Mr. Yusuf, one of the teachers who is dedicated and eager to move forward, tries to provide learning in accordance with what was announced by the Ministry of Education and Culture, namely the digitalization of learning since 2021 ago. Mr. Yusuf’s efforts include participating in Digital Teacher training organized by for free for all elementary school teachers in Indonesia as a form of support for the advancement of educators who are the spearhead in creating the nation’s golden generation.

Through the program, Mr. Yusuf gets a chance to improve his knowledge and also receives some help to improve the school’s facilities especially in providing books in order to improve the student interest in literacy. Kipin donates its literacy comic collection to SDN Pagergunung 03 which consist of various themes such as history, general knowledge, health, culture and also character. Hope the comics will broaden the student’s view of the world and become their beginning to like reading.


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