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Technology Solution That Drives Digital Education in Indonesia

Indonesia market for educational technology is massive, with variety of gadgets and programs to choose from, with majority of them is still imported or licensed from all over the world. However, majority of Indonesian schools has a very limited budget and this pose a major challenge as money need to be allocated toward the best investment that produce best return for the school, teacher, student, and parent.

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Student with KIPIN ATM, educational technology.

From over a hundred of our school visits, we learned while schools may be eager to introduce technology solutions into their classrooms, it is important to understand just going for the newest imported products without much knowledge of whether the product will actually work for local market is very risky. Some of our internal studies show that the overall effectiveness of the edtech adoption produces very low effectiveness in learning outcomes for students.

Our internal survey results lead us to believe that high outcome edtech solution must be Indonesian-centric and to give students freedom to be part of the decision-making process in learning to produce better impact.

KIPIN ATM is designed based on low-cost and high-impact solution, the value of putting KIPIN ATM in school is very high as it integrates as school utility for digital educational content distribution to all students and teachers. KIPIN platform is also open for opportunities for collaboration to any other educational content developer in edtech in Indonesia and worldwide.

Edtech in Indonesia is in very early stage and no single business model is yet dominating the market, where schools will focus their edtech efforts now and the future is the opportunity.

Further information about KIPIN visit: kipin.id


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