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BerandaEDTECHEduTech and the Challenge of Social Inclusion in Indonesian Education

EduTech and the Challenge of Social Inclusion in Indonesian Education

School Digitalization with Kipin for All Levels of Education
School Digitalization with Kipin for All Levels of Education

The rise of educational technology (edtech) has promised to revolutionize education, making it more accessible and effective. However, despite its potential, edtech has not succeeded in narrowing the education gap; instead, it has widened it. Children from affluent families are gaining access to the best education and becoming more proficient, while those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds are finding it increasingly difficult to access quality education.

The primary issue lies in the lack of equal access. Many children do not have access to the internet or cannot afford to pay for internet data. Moreover, they cannot afford the best edtech solutions, which are often not free. Consequently, these children cannot fully participate and are forced to lag behind or stop their education due to the pressures of poverty.

This failure to ensure social inclusion through edtech means that the goal of achieving fair and equal education in Indonesia remains elusive.

Student's Efforts to Get the Internet Connection

Student’s Efforts to Get the Internet Connection

Access Disparity: A Persistent Problem

The problem of unequal access is persistent across all levels of education, from Early Childhood Education (PAUD) to higher education. Disparities exist between urban and rural areas, between upper and lower social classes, and between the western and eastern parts of Indonesia.

Therefore, it is imperative for the government to ensure that all primary schools, especially those outside major cities, receive special attention. They should be equipped with appropriate hybrid tools like Kipin Classroom and Kipin MAX from Kipin, which are the intelligent and comprehensive learning media source that does not require internet access

Kipin for School Digitalization without Internet

Kipin for School Digitalization without Internet

Kipin : Promoting Equity in Education

Kipin is leveling the playing field by providing equitable access to learning resources for all students, regardless of their location or internet access. By providing a complete and intelligent learning platform that does not rely on internet connectivity, Kipin is bridging the gap and ensuring that all students have access to quality education materials anytime, anywhere.

In conclusion, while edtech has the potential to transform education, its true potential can only be realized when it addresses the issue of social inclusion. By ensuring that all students have equal access to quality education resources, student no longer endure but enjoy digital learning, and we can move closer to achieving a fair and equal education system in Indonesia. This year, Kipin has earned the highest recommendation from teachers surveyed. The reason is clear: Kipin is an effective tool that not only aids teachers in their mission but also transforms the educational landscape by tackling Indonesia’s most pressing education challenges head-on.

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