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Empowering Education for Every Child: The Genius Solution of KIPIN Edutech in Indonesia

The Race to Digital Education in Indonesia

In today’s digital age, access to quality education has become more crucial than ever. However, ensuring equitable access to learning resources, especially in areas with limited or no internet connectivity, can be a significant challenge. This is where KIPIN Education Technology steps in, providing a genius solution that truly answers the needs of underserved children in Indonesia.

KIPIN, short for Kios Pintar or Smart Kiosk, is an intelligent, self-sufficient offline learning platform for schools. Developed by, KIPIN Classroom has emerged as a pioneering solution to simplify digital learning, even in remote regions. This innovative platform seamlessly integrates comprehensive K-12 educational content with cutting-edge software, hardware, and a mobile app to create a truly self-sufficient offline digital learning environment for students.

How Does KIPIN Classroom Work?

One of the significant barriers to digital education in Indonesia is the cost of internet connectivity. While digital devices are becoming more affordable, recurring internet data costs can be prohibitive, especially for families with multiple children. KIPIN Classroom addresses this challenge effectively.

In Indonesia, you can purchase a used Android smartphone for as little as $20 or a new 7″ tablet for around $40. Many parents can afford these devices as a one-time cost. However, the recurring expense of internet data, which can amount to $10 per month per child, becomes a significant burden.

With KIPIN Classroom, every student with a digital device can connect via Wi-Fi to access a wealth of educational resources as if they were online. The platform offers over 6,000 books, 2,000 videos, 50,000 practice exercises, 500 literacy comics, and 500 activity books, covering almost the entire curriculum.

This means significant savings for parents, who no longer have to spend money on school books, which can cost hundreds of dollars. Many parents are reallocating these savings to purchase larger digital tablets for their children, enhancing their learning experience.

School Digitalization with Kipin

The Benefits of KIPIN Classroom

The benefits of KIPIN Classroom extend beyond just students. Teachers, parents, and the government are also significant benefactors.

1. Cost Savings:

   – Parents save money on monthly internet data costs and purchasing school books.

– Teachers save time as KIPIN Classroom provides a comprehensive set of curriculum materials.

2. Safety and Security:

   – KIPIN Classroom provides a safe digital learning environment for students.

   – Parents and teachers are assured that students are not exposed to the dangers of the online world.

3. Improved Digital Literacy:

   – KIPIN Classroom helps in improving digital literacy among students from an early age.

4. Government Benefits:

   – The government benefits from improved access to education and digital literacy, leading to a more educated and skilled workforce.

Kipin for Indonesia Emas


KIPIN is leading the way in Indonesia by serving K-12 schools nationwide, making a true impact on millions of children by improving digital literacy and providing them with a safe and effective digital learning environment. With KIPIN Classroom, every child, regardless of their location or economic background, has the opportunity to access quality education and unlock their full potential to Indonesia Emas.

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