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KIPIN Emerges Victorious in the middle of Post-COVID Education Landscape in Indonesia

Kipin Classroom and Kipin MAX for Digital Learning Facility without Internet

Students with Kipin Software for Digital Learning in Class

The COVID-19 pandemic forced a major shift in education worldwide including Indonesia, boosting online edtech companies into the spotlight as schools closed and students turned to virtual classrooms. However, as the pandemic wanes in 2023 and students return to physical schools, the online education boom appears to be fading for many edtech startup companies. 

Online edtech companies, which saw a surge in subscriptions during the pandemic, are now witnessing a drastic drop in sales as students and parents opt for traditional face-to-face learning, this is especially true for Indonesia. The temporary surge, fueled by necessity during lockdowns, has subsided as families prioritise spending on essential needs post-pandemic.

However, amidst this decline, one edtech startup, KIPIN, stands out with remarkable success. While others falter, Kipin continues to thrive, thanks to its innovative product, Kipin Classroom and Kipin MAX– are an intelligent server that enables students to access educational content without the need for internet connectivity.

Kipin for Digital Learning Facility without Internet

Student Sribbling his Kipin’s Digital Book for Learning

In a country like Indonesia, where internet access is often slow, expensive, and unreliable, Kipin’s solution addresses a critical pain point for students and teachers alike. During the height of the pandemic, students resorted to extreme measures, such as climbing trees or rooftops, to access the internet for their studies. Now, with Kipin, these struggles are a thing of the past.

Moreover, Kipin’s product offers substantial cost savings for the government, schools and families. By eliminating the need for physical textbooks and reducing photocopying expenses, Kipin Classroom not only streamlines teaching but also contributes to a more sustainable and efficient learning environment.

Kipin for Educational Equality in Indonesia

Kipin for SD Naskat Rumat Supporting Education Equality for Indonesia

The key to Kipin’s success lies in its focus on addressing fundamental needs rather than relying on temporary trends. While other online edtech companies based their business models on the pandemic-induced surge, Kipin prioritised providing a solution that goes beyond temporary circumstances.

As all schools reopen and the education landscape evolves, Kipin’s foresight and commitment to innovation have positioned it as a leader in the Indonesian edtech market. Steffina Yuli of Kipin said “By offering a product that meets the real, ongoing needs of students and educators, Kipin proves that sustainable success in the education sector attaches on addressing fundamental challenges rather than short term trends.”

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