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Edutech: Improving Indonesia’s Education Quality Must Start By Improving School

School is the official provider for education to 50 millions of Indonesian students in Indonesia, therefore the root fundamental for all education must start from school.

School must provide tools that make teacher’s daily job easier, as teachers play key functions in educating students. But currently teachers’ job are not just teaching, they often burdened with many other responsibilities that are not related to teaching, and that consume the majority of their time.

Adoption of mobile phones are very high now among high school students, as a matter of fact almost all of high school students have a mobile phone. This open opportunity for learning improvement in significant way, if school can provide a digital mobile application that students can use to download freely school materials such as books, class videos, exam practises and other character development literacies.

However, many students do not want to use their internet quota as it costs money to them, so streaming and online web application may not work effectively.

KIPIN ATM is a smart kiosk that integrate hardware, software, digital educational content and mobile apps into one simple solution for school. It is so easy to set up, it does not need an internet connection, and it can serve up to 500 students.

Every student can download any digital content in school using wifi connection called eduSPOT which function without internet. It becomes a great digital library not just for books but over 50,000 other learning materials. No internet quota to pay, no educational contents to pay, all free as part of the school digital learning facilities.

To learn more about Kipin ATM click this link www.kipin.id

To save teachers time on checking daily quiz results of students, Pendidikan.id has a paperless offline exam product called KIPIN PTO (Portable Tryout) which allow up to 45 students to take tests together digitally without internet – this to avoid student cheating and finding answers from google search.

At the end of the test, within 1 second, teacher can download the list of students with their scores instantly, which save teachers hours of time and frustration.

Every school needs KIPIN ATM and KIPIN PTO to help teachers teach effectively and help students get their educational materials freely, all without the need of internet connection.

Further information, visit kipin.id


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