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KIPIN ATM: An Edtech Solution to Solve Access and Distribution of Educational Digital Content in School

Schools play very important role to bring Indonesia to compete in the global arena because school is where students learn. It is critical to equip every school with good educational tools for student to learn and teacher to teach. The most common facility is library room but in many schools the collection of educational material such as books are very limited and little.

innovative edtech, educational technology solution
A senior high school student with KIPIN ATM and KIPIN remote (mobile application for KIPIN ATM).

To improve the quality of education, there are some major obstacles, the first one is access to education for majority of students in rural area; the second one is uneven distribution of educational material to rural area as well. These problems have result in widening of education gap and skill between urban students and rural students.

KIPIN ATM is an integrated solution from Pendidikan.id, it combines hardware, software and content into one touch screen kiosk with massive educational materials including: 2500+ digital school books; 1000+ video learning taught by teachers; 17,000 exam practise questions and over 150 educational comic for literacy and moral learning. Kipin vision is to digitize the whole school learning from grade 1 to grade 12 into a smart kiosk. It’s called ATM because many teachers refer to it as Assitant Teaching Machine that looks like bank ATM kios.

Many schools in Indonesia do not have internet connection yet, even those with internet, it’s still very unreliable, slow and expensive. That is why Mahoni developed a customer-centric solution called Kipin eduSPOT which allows students and teachers to download Kipin content via remote application that works in Android, iOS and Windows10.

innovative edtech, educational technology solution
An elementary school student stand on a small safe chair and try to operate KIPIN ATM.

This custom-developed solution allows one Kipin ATM to serve the whole school with maximum flexibility for multiple outputs such as:

1. If one of the class teacher is sick and does not show up, the school can use Kipin Remote to connect to projector for the whole classroom to watch the relevant subject video for the day – this is a classroom setup where many students watch the same content;
2. If the school has computer lab with many PC’s, each one of them can connect to Kipin ATM via remote application, and each student can learn and study individually – this is a individual setup where each student can study different content individually;
3. If the school has many tablet, each one of the tablet can connect and download from Kipin ATM via remote application, and with “download and go” build in feature then each student can take the tablet and even study it at home, the same way it works for smartphone as well, where after school the students allowed to connect to KIPIN ATM via Kipin Remote app to download as much as studying material as they need at home.

KIPIN ATM with eduSPOT designed to solve both access and distribution problems of education in general and in rural area in specifically. It is a scalable solution that can be deployed quickly and fast nationwide.

Content owners can use KIPIN ATM distribution platform as an easy access to enter to thousand of private and public school in Indonesia as well for distribution and licensing of their educational materials. In the same way, even government bodies such as KPK, OJK and Kemkominfo have appointed KIPIN as their distribution platform to enter schools effectively. In due time content owners can monitor via dashboard on the statistic and distribution of their contents nationwide.

KIPIN ATM is a truely innovative disruption on solving access and distribution of educational content in Indonesia!
Further information: kipin.id


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