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We See Kiosk in Banks, in McDonalds, in Airports and Many Others, but Why Nobody Makes Smart Kiosk For Schools?

We know kiosk can work 24 hours a day, it works more efficient, productive and harder than human. It also works more accurately. Basically the benefits of kiosk are very obvious and there are ten of millions of kiosks are around us.

KIPIN ATM is exactly the answer to this, it is a smart kiosk (kios pintar), and it help teacher in distribution learning digital materials to students and many other things. It could save 50% of teacher’s daily work and time out of repetition such as grading quizzes and basic material teaching (answered via thousands of recorded videos).

KIPIN offers integrated software, content, hardware and mobile app with six years of research and development behind it by Mahoni group, one of Indonesia software developer with over 15 years of experience.

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KIPIN ATM smart kiosk and student.

KIPIN ATM can be installed in just 3 minutes in any school in Indonesia; it is so easy and mind blowing convenience for some rural schools that do not have any IT support. There is nothing but power cable connection that will wake KIPIN ATM up, a powerful server engine that will be able to handle 500 students with wifi smartphones, notebooks or tablets – EVEN IN ENVIRONTMENT OF NO INTERNET CONNECTION.

KIPIN exclusive technology is called eduSPOT and this is the key success in our 100+ schools installation in just short time. KIPIN is the leader in B2B smart software solution for school in Indonesia. There are over 250,000 of K12 School in Indonesia, and KIPIN is the only leading solution serving this sector now with potential of over $2 billion dollar of potential revenue from Kipin kiosk sales alone.

“Every school in Indonesia will soon realize that they need smart kiosk to help teachers and students, just like atm kiosk helps bank; they will turn to KIPIN ATM and we will be very busy this decade starting in 2020,” said Santoso Suratso.

KIPIN is a trademark of Pendidikan.id, a Mahoni group companies.


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