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BerandaKIPINWhy Indonesian School Loves KIPIN Classroom?

Why Indonesian School Loves KIPIN Classroom?


SDN 154 Talang Aro, Jambi, Indonesia
SDN 154 Talang Aro, Jambi, Indonesia

This story was told to us “Internet is very hard in our area and we have talked with other edtech companies, but they said not to worry as eventually everything will be online and internet will be fast in 5 years. It is very frustrating to be told like that as it has been 2 years of learning-loss and internet is still not much better today in our area. That is why when we were introduced to KIPIN Classroom, we fall in love with it. Only KIPIN from that understand our feelings, Kipin delivers access to digital education today in our school without any worry about internet problem, and that is why we celebrated it now. Thank you Kipin and thank you Ministry of Education for this support” ~ school’s principal teacher (22 October 2021)

Nobody should wait any longer for internet to be ready, no school should be left behind, no teacher and no student should wait for another year. It is time for Indonesia education to rise and bounce back despite the challenges.


KIPIN Classroom is a disruptive smart IoT product that can transform school to digital in just minutes without internet. It is the 5th generation product improvement from almost 8 years of development. Kipin Classroom weights about 1 Kg, and it has strong processing power to handle 45 concurrent wireless connection from almost all devices within 15 meters to allow digital access (without internet) to over 60,000 digital library contents (3,000 books, 2,000 videos, 50,000 tryouts, 400 literacy comics) in 1 Tb of storage, and 8 hours battery back up in case the electricity is out.

Kipin Classroom also has an intelligent server assessment software called Kipin PTO (paperless test offline), so the whole classroom of 45 students can take digital exams without internet. PTO is a professional assessment software custom developed by Kipin in 4 years with over half a million students using it. It helps teachers prepare multiple choices, essay, project-based exams, anti-cheating functions, automatic grading, and all specifications required in AKM by Ministry of Education of Republic of Indonesia.

“Kipin download-and-go features is favorite among teachers, Kipin native apps allow students to take assigned digital materials home and use them without internet. For example, we give coloring and drawing assignment to students and Kipin already has the activity books, so it makes all our teaching easy” ~ grade 3 teacher.

SMPN 2 Serawai, West Kalimantan, Indonesia
SMPN 2 Serawai, West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Santoso Suratso said “The benefits of Kipin Classroom can really be enjoyed by everyone in school, teacher, student, and the government love it. Kipin improves efficiency in their workflow significantly, saves money, saves time”.

Kipin Classroom improves school digital infrastructure and modernize it to be compatible to digital world today, Kipin brings student back to school. is one of Ministry of Education official local partner to provide technology innovation for access to education for all.


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