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Students of SDN 2 Way Urang, Lampung Selatan
Students of SDN 2 Way Urang, Lampung Selatan

Make Digital Learning Accessible to Everyone

The demographic of Indonesia makes it difficult for online education technology to be successfully implemented and flourish. Because many of the 54 million students are still living in isolated rural communities with no internet. It is true the internet penetration and consumption are growing fast but it will still take decades to cover Indonesia nationwide. Kipin.id brings an edtech excellence in market execution, by redesigning how educational information is delivered to users because of the learning environment in Indonesia.

Kipin.id introduces the first educational kiosk in Indonesia designed to help teachers and also for school digital library systems. It’s called KIPIN ATM which means smart kiosk, and the ATM stands for “assistant teaching machine”.

Photo of first Kipin ATM (2019)

Inside contents include thousands of ebooks, videos, exam questions and educational literacy comics, all integrated in one. Kipin has a large 22 inch touch screen hardware solution that can be used easily by any operator. 

Most amazing feature is the exclusive EduSpot wifi technology which allows any device to connect to Kipin kiosk and access its content super fast without internet connection and at zero additional cost. A school with one thousand students just needs one Kipin ATM as a digital library server.

Improvement in technology brings a new smart model in early 2020 which is called Kipin-Classroom.

Photo of first Kipin Classroom (2020)

This new model successfully solves the digital infrastructure challenges mentioned above for digital learning implementation nationwide to flourish. Because with Kipin Classroom many schools in rural communities can now transform to digitalization even with no internet. They no longer have to wait for the internet to be available, Kipin brings an edtech excellence and market fit in execution, by redesigning how educational information is delivered to users by leapfrogging the current challenges in Indonesia.

Most importantly this differentiation factor has put Kipin with points of advantage compared to other local and global competitors, Kipin Classroom is a product that suits the characteristics and preferences of the Indonesian people.

In addition, Kipin has identified its target market and pain points, so by serving what is right, its business growth is in upward trend.

In just two years Kipin has almost 10-fold its presence.

Democratizing learning can only be done via school digitalization for Indonesia, and Kipin Classroom device has proven to be a reliable solution in making digital learning accessible to everyone nationwide. 

For more information visit https://kipin.id/classroom/


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