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Validation is the Key to Edtech Success in Indonesia

It is easy for a startup to claim that their edtech product is the best, some even give the number of user downloads to support it. But what looks good in a meeting room may not be effective in the real world for Indonesia.

Steffina Yuli of said “To know for sure, you must see the user affirmation! Does the edtech product cultivate relationships with grassroots? Does it benefit from word-of-mouth? Are the users willing to do anything to help the product succeed?”

You know that you “got it right” when you see the type of affirmation where fans speak of your product and are willing to attach their name/reputation to it. They become raving fans and they proclaim “This works!” or “This saves me time,” and “My students love it.”

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To acquire this kind of support is not easy.Your product needs to solve a real problem in education that truly benefits the users.

There are many edtech companies that self-claims of solving school problems but they seem to have a hard time finding real life user affirmations mentioned above. Why? Could it be because their solution is somehow flawed, a solution that looks good in a meeting room but not effective in the real world.

Kipin edtech develops relationships with teachers, principals, superintendents of schools from day one; and we are determined to expand those connections and convert more teachers to evangelists.

The most powerful component of our business model is the pitch those teachers are saying and sharing to other teachers at the grassroots level. Our business model are not influenced by what investors say in the meeting room, but by what really works with the users.

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Our nine years of practice enabled us to establish relationships with educators who have become key reviewers of Kipin products. They have shaped Kipin products to make so much sense to local regulators and teachers who work with the struggling students, there was not much “sell” needed to market Kipin edtech products to them.

Instead, many educators put themselves in the position of advocating on Kipin behalf to have their schools participate in testing of our learning applications. Last month we released a beta testing of the Kipin Library Literacy program ( and within just a month over 3,000 schools nationwide signed on, it was a great evidence that Kipin got it right.

KIPIN.ID is winner of WSA nomination and shortlisted awards (2022), MIT Solve Octawa award (2022), Kominfo award (2021), and many more.

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