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BerandaKIPINWhat is KIPIN From Pendidikan.id?

What is KIPIN From Pendidikan.id?

Kipin is the product name of Pendidikan.id, a leading edtech school infrastructure provider company in Indonesia established in 2016. “Pendidikan” means education in Indonesian language, and as the name implies, the company focuses on the educational sector for Indonesian market.

What do you know about KIPIN?

It took us over 7 years to develop Kipin’s amazing edtech platform! Kipin is designed to be very customer centric in solving Indonesian school education challenges nationwide. President Jokowi emphasized that “…education is not only Jakarta, we have to serve all from Sabang to Merauke, rich and poor”. Indonesia has 54 million students in 350,000 schools in 17,000 islands. We believe education is a localized problem, it therefore requires local customizations, local contents and other requirements that are suitable for Indonesia.

Kipin solves the chain of pain of schools completely from end to end, from contents, softwares and hardwares – all in one simple solution to go digital with or without internet.

Kipin is package in a number of offers:


Designed for a collective group of users (e.g. school) in suburban and rural cities where no internet and student buying power is low. Kipin ATM is a digital school in a box, it can serve thousands of students and teachers year after year without much maintenance but 300 watts of electricity.

All users can download school materials and contents free, but exclusively via Kipin School application within 15 meters distance from Kipin ATM. This is done through wifi eduSPOT technology that gives access to all students in areas without internet access at all.

Kipin ATM 4.0 with eduSPOT technology

Kipin ATM characters:

  • One unit to serve one school with digital library center with over 60,000 quality contents required by the school and all students;
  • All contents can be accessed free of cost, without internet connection and they can be downloaded to Kipin application so student can study at home;
  • Students and teachers must have their own devices (Android, ios and windows 10);
  • Price around $5,500 + annual subscription

How do schools, teachers and students benefit from Kipin ATM?

The most obvious benefit is the cost saving from buying printed books and other learning materials such as videos, literacy comics, etc., and all can be done without the internet. Some study shows that a school of 500 students can save up to $5000 per month from investing in Kipin ATM, so the return on investment is just 1 month for the capex. Kipin ATM guarantees free access for equality of education outcomes to all students in the school and this has boosted literacy up to 350%!


Kipin School is designed for an individual user (student) with reasonable access to fast internet connection, and his ability to pay for subscription. With Kipin Individual users can download school materials and educational contents for their home distance learning.

Kipin School 4.0 download-and-go technology guarantees that individual users can use educational contents at home after download without any further need of the internet, this feature is very effective for almost 99% of the students.

Our educational video makes students feel like they are still attending classes at school from their home.

Our tryout system allows teachers to measure what the students have studied and learned. And the most popular feature of all is the literacy comics – exclusively only available in Kipin.

Kipin School 4.0 characters:

How do schools, teachers and students benefit from Kipin School 4.0?

The most obvious benefit is the cost saving from buying printed books, literacy comics, and other daily learning materials such as videos, etc., and all can be done with just a super low monthly subscription.


Our new product for 2021-Q2 designed for the school’s classroom nationwide.

Kipin Classroom is our 5th major improvement from Kipin ATM, it does what Kipin ATMs do and even some more. Key New additional characteristics:

  • 8 hours battery backup
  • Allow 45 concurrent connection;
  • Build in digital assessment software Kipin PTO with AI features;
  • Build in digital library software with 200GB capacity to allow school to upload local contents
  • Low price around $1450 with $36 monthly subscription;
  • Guarantee return on investment in first month;
  • www.kipin.id

How do schools, teachers and students benefit from Kipin Classroom?

Everything mentioned on previous products above PLUS ability to do assessment (exams) digitally in the classroom to 45 students (Kipin has built in professional PTO software – paperless test offline)

#4 KIPIN PTO-Cloud

PTO-Cloud is the online version for the school’s assessment platform for paperless tests with 500 students concurrently.

Key characteristics of Kipin PTO Cloud:

  • Scalable easily to 500 students to take exam at the same time;
  • It has the most complete features for a school to do digital exams.

How do schools, teachers and students benefit from Kipin PTO-Cloud?

Teachers have flexibility to schedule exams and quizzes to students independent of their locations (at home) and also with multiple formats of exam questions including multiple choices, essays, projects and many other features such as anti-cheating random features, and much more. Teachers save a lot of time from correcting and grading the exams, and schools also save significant money from making photocopy papers for exams.

Who Benefits from Kipin?

Schools, students, parents and teachers are the key beneficiaries of our services. There are over 54 million students, 3,5 million teachers and over 350,000 schools in Indonesia.

Education is a necessity and recession proof sector for Indonesia as the government is continually looking for improvement using technology in education infrastructure at schools.

Kipin obtained International Companies Accreditation:

Intel Partner Alliance (Sep 2020)

AWS (Amazon EdStart Jan 2021)


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